Susan and David Woolsey

“When our 10-year-old daughter developed knee pain and swelling her doctor diagnosed patellofemoral syndrome and prescribed strengthening exercises. She made slow progress until Jonathan offered to supplement her regiment with weekly one-hour physical therapy sessions. Jonathan was very patient with our daughter, and she enjoyed working with him. She quickly regained full function without pain, and in the process, we learned about managing overuse injuries. Jonathan was a pleasure to work with: knowledgeable, caring, and calm. We recommend him highly and without reservation.”

Jacquelyn Buerosse

“Jon has a deep understanding of the human body and how it moves. He also has a knack for being in tune with a client’s limitations due to injury and/or inexperience. He managed to work around my spinal injury and help me reduce the pain caused as a result of it by building up the muscle surrounding the area in fun and innovative ways. I am grateful for his training and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer.”

Janet Kelfer

“I have worked out with Jonathan Mastin for many years.  He is a skilled and reliable trainer.  Jonathan has helped me to work through injuries and to get much stronger in general.  He has certification in advanced healthcare and fitness, balance training, sports medicine and functional training/corrective exercise.  I would not hesitate to recommend 

Jonathan to my friends!“

Pedro Alvarez

“It is a pleasure for me to recommend Jonathan to potential clients. We have been working together twice a week now for over a year and one-half. He is a consummate of professional – a very knowledgeable, reliable and capable trainer, who knows how to motivate and keep his sessions interesting and challenging. Working with him is a pleasure and very rewarding since he gets results. I encourage anyone interested in working to improve their health to work with him.”

Erica Totten

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workouts that Jonathan designed for me because I felt like I was getting a full body workout while incorporating a mixture of weighted exercises and cardio. When lifting weights in the past, I never even built up a sweat, but with the high-intensity exercise circuits that Jonathan created for me, I felt like I didn’t have to waste my time going for a 30-minute run or bike because I was sweating intensely and getting a great cardio workout. I like that Jonathan listened to my goals, which was to avoid bulking up and build lean, toned muscle. To reach my goals, he created a workout that incorporated low weights and high repetitions. I could barely walk after one week of doing the circuits, but I immediately felt a difference in my legs. I would definitely recommend Jonathan because he listens to your needs and tailors an individual-based workout that will help you achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be.”

Jake Larson

“Working out with Jonathan was more than just an hour-long exercise session. Each time we met, I came away with more knowledge about how to improve my lifestyle, incorporating better nutrition and fitness. I developed habits I could carry with me for the rest of my life and even managed to enjoy them. Jonathan is incredibly knowledgeable and engaging. He is willing to adapt his approach based on your goals. If you are looking to improve your lifestyle for the better, I highly suggest meeting with Jonathan.”