Jonathan Mastin

 Jonathan Mastin has been a Health and Wellness Coach serving clients in the Miami, FL area since 2008. Jonathan became passionate about movement from a young age. As a child, he danced for the Miami City Ballet as well as participated in competitive figure skating and swimming. In college, he swam on the college team, he was a member of the ballroom dance team at Florida Atlantic University and coached the master’s swimming program. These experiences with movement ignited a curiosity within Jonathan to learn the biomechanics and physiology of movement. Jonathan earned a certification from ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and the certifications of Advanced Healthcare and Fitness Specialist and Weight Management Specialist through ACE (American Council on Exercise), and Functional Aging Specialist Certificate from the Functional Aging Institute (FAI). He is also a TRX Sports Medicine and Functional Training, ViPR, Kettlebell, and Sandbell certified trainer. He has been attending an IDEA Health and Fitness Association conferences annually since 2009. At these conferences, he looks forward to learning new ways to train clients to prevent and correct injury as well as develop a healthier lifestyle.  In 2012, he attended the inaugural mentorship of the Institute of Motion (IOM), where he studied the science behind movement including sleep, cell health, longevity, and fascia. In addition, he is taking courses in Dietetics and Nutritional Science at FIU. Jonathan is constantly reading books and scholarly journals within the fields of exercise and nutrition. He loves to learn about these subjects because he believes that proper exercise and nutrition are preventative medicine.